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It depends on how robust the ned user connectino is Justin.
Saas is fine for corporate entities who don't leave offices or broadband connected homes.
But place that user in a remote location or at home when the kids are playing Call of Duty :) and the application comes back to the fore again.
I predict as MS and OpenOffice moves appliations to support SaaS models then they will again dominate as they will be able to offer the "best of both". SaaS has no answer to the "I'm not connected and I want the service" other than to develop a replicant of the application cloud on the users end machine.
MS has already tried to move the industry to a "pay as you use" model rather than a purchase and I see SaaS will create the market acceptance to allow them to do it :(

justin Floyd

Hello Peter

Thank you for making the time to comment.

Yes I agree. Its interesting though to see how much gaming, social networking and P2P lending even is being run through smartphones. I would be interetsed to hear your thoughts on the mobile money innovations that are gathering momentum.

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