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hi Justin, nice to see you thinking out the box again.
But sadly, this one has been around and not taken up for >10 years. Tried and NEVER widely adopted in the west .. mainly because we have a clone-it/steal-it culture with respect to phones :( MAJOR purchases or regular purchases are wide open to theft and until more biometric methods are built-in and not just add-ons then we're not able to be there yet.
THe chip-and-pin fiasco means we now have a less willing populace to believe the marketing-BS of the service providers.
THe innovation needed here is the guaranteed security .. which we know neither software nor hardware can provide.
Embeddable RFID is deployed in Barcelona night clubs for payment which still isn't a guarantee for the wearer.


Come on Peter.

Your argument is like saying that stores should stop trading because of shoplifting, or we should never buy anything in case we're burgled. The security applications are out there - whether they are fully utilised in the west or not - and insurance is available to fill the gap.

Anyway, as Justin is pointing out, the globe is bigger than "the west", much bigger - that's why you don't hear many people expressing angst about 'Euro-Warming' or 'Micro Climate Change'.

Who dares wins!

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