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Visionary Entrepreneur building innovative businesses with people who are much smarter than me


Highly successful Entrepreneur having founded and created considerable shareholder value from 5 companies in the technology/ finance sector over a 22 year career. Additionally I have raised over £ 50 million in external investment, taken one business to IPO and two others from start up to securing over £ 20 million in private equity and venture capital investment. I have won numerous awards for Entrepreneurship and company achievements. Now act as both a non executive and investor in a number of businesses.
So what?
It's a good point. What drives me it to see a fledgling business flourish, ever since an early age I've always been energised by the thought of taking just an idea and turning that idea into a major market impact. I have a deep respect for Entrepreneurship in all of its forms, the resilience and courage needed to take on the responsibility of managing a business that you have founded is one of Mankind's extraordinairy feats.
However the biggest and hardest lesson to learn is knowing when to get off the ride and trust someone else to take your business on through its journey. Not easy to do.


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